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Magnet Wire 28 AWG 249'

This 249 foot long roll of 28 AWG Magnet Wire is useful for winding a transformer or choke, making or repairing motors, making electromagnets and just as general super thin wire. This copper wire is thin and coated in enamel for insulation!

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This Magnet Wire comes on a spool of 249 feet. It is 28 guage making it thinner than standard wires and perfect for creating electromagnetic forces and/or for use in places where you need thin wire such as fine rework jobs. Perfect for building your own electromagnets, winding a transformer, repairing motors and anywhere electromagnetism or very thin wire is helpful. The thin copper wire is coated in enamel for insulation! To remove the enamel insulation at the tips, just scrape or rub with sandpaper.


  • Length: Approx. 249 feet
  • Color: Red Insulation
  • Type: Enamel
  • Resistance/foot: 64.9 mΩ/ft
  • Wire Diameter: 0.0144 (with insulation), 0.0126 (no insulation)
  • Packaging: Plastic Spool
  • Temperature Rating: 155°C
  • Insulation/Coating: Modified polyurethane resin with a polyamide (nylon) overcoat
  • Solderable: Yes, can be soldered without removing insulation/coating
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