Ultrasonic Range Sensor (Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible) Maximize

Ultrasonic Range Sensor (Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible)

Hook up this Ultrasonic Range Sensor into your projects to detect distance between 3 and 400cm with accuracy up to 0.3cm. Arduino and Raspberry Pi Compatible.

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This sensor uses ultrasonic signals to detect the distance of any object in front of it. It is designed for easy modular project usage with industrial performance.

Easily interface with this sensor using its 4 pins, VCC (high voltage from your arduino board), Trig (sends out the ultrasonic signal), Echo (recieves the ultrasonic signal sent by trig for measurement) , GND (ground from your arduino board). To start ranging, pull the Trig pin to high for more than 10us, based on how high the Echo pin's value is, you can tell how far the object in front of the sensor is.

  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Current: 15mA
  • Detecting Range: 3cm - 400cm / 1.2 inches to 13.1 feet
  • Resolution: 0.3cm
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz
  • Detecting Angle: 30°
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Pulse in/pulse out communication
  • Breadboard friendly


Click here to download the Arduino sample sketch.