Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Mount (Screws Included)

Use this Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Mount to mount your Ultrasonic Sensor easily in your projects. Screws Included!

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Use this Mount to easily attach your Ultrasonic distance sensor on your robots, onto a servo for panning, and anywhere else you'd like. 90 degree mounting with 3 screw holes at the base and 4 screw holes for the Ultrasonic Sensor itself. Screws, Washers and Nuts included!


  • Acrylic Mount with Screws, Washers and Nuts
  • Screw Holes in the base for mounting
  • 90 degree angle for easily mounting your sensor upright
  • Fits Parallax, PING, HC-SR04, HC-SR05 ultrasonic sensors
  • Package Contains:
    • Acrylic Mount 
    • 4 M1 Machine Screws
    • 4 M1 Nuts
    • 4 Washers
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 2.64"
    • Width: 2.19"
    • Base: 1" x 1"
    • Sensor Mounting Holes: 0.11" Diameter
    • Base Mounting Holes: 0.04" Diameter
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