Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor

This Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor is so small it can fit on your fingertip!

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Last Updated: 03/04/2024





  • Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor
  • Strain Gauge Type: Resistance Gauge
  • High accuracy & stability
  • Creep & temperature compensation
  • Material: Foil and phenolic insulation
  • Widely used for precision pressure and weight sensing projects
  • Output deviation: within 0.02 (very high precision)
  • Smaller than a fingertip: 0.291 inches x 0.173 inches ( 7.4mm x 4.4mm)
  • Strain Limit: 2.0%
  • Fatigue Life:≥1M
  • Resistance: 350 ohms
  • Contrast: 800: 1 (Min) (transmission)
  • Sensitivity coefficient: 2.00-2.20
  • Using temperature range: -30--+80
  • Tolerance of average resistance: ≤±0.1%
  • Sensitive coefficient dispersion:≤±1%
  • Temperature self compensation coefficient:9,11,16,23,27


Useful tutorial to wire up to Arduino:

This product is recommended for professionals who can wire up the necessary amplification circuitry. For an easy to use force sensor we recommend the FSR that can be connected to Arduino directly with minimal circuitry.

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