Robot / Car Wheel & Motor

Use these wheels for a quick and easy Robot / Car! Comes preassembled with a motor and gearbox that spins a shaft perfectly matched for the Wheel. Wheels can be mounted on either side of the motor & gearbox.

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This Robot / Car Wheel and Motor comes with a preassembled motor & gearbox + wheel for easily adding wheels to your robot/ car project. Just give the 2 leads on the motor 3 - 12 V such as from a battery pack and it'll be spinning away. If you want to add forward and reverse functionality to your robot or car, treat these as normal DC motors and pair them up with the Arduino Motor & Power Shield or use an H-Bridge. The motor & gearbox's shaft runs all the way through to both sides of the motor & gearbox, meaning you can connect the wheel on the left or right side, whichever you prefer. Includes 1 Motor & Gearbox and 1 Wheel.


  • Operating Voltage: 3V - 12V DC
  • Recommended Voltage: 6V - 8V DC
  • Maximum Torque: @ 3V
  • Speed (no load): 170 rpm @ 3V
  • Gearbox Reduction Ratio: 1:48
  • Load Current: 70mA
  • Maximum Current: 250mA
  • Wheel / Tire Dimensions:
    • Center hole: 5.3mm x 3.66mm / 0.21" x 0.14"
    • Diameter: 66mm / 2.6"
    • Width: 2.66mm / 0.105
  • Weight: 67g
Does this have only 1 wheel and 1 motor?
Yes. One wheel and one motor box
Default User Icon Bob · 11/19/2020
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If I order an item marked "ships today" - how long will it go to Staten Island?
Is there any way to pick it up myself?
I live in Staten Island too and if you order with Priority Mail, it will come the next day.
Default User Icon Ulexei · 11/09/2021
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