Robot Wheels (4 pack) DC motor compatible

This pack of 4 Robot Wheels is as easy as it gets! They have a 2mm center hole so they can be slipped directly onto our DC motors! Instant wheels for your robot!

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These 4 Robot Wheels are plastic with rubber tires for great grip. The center hole is 2mm in diameter, same as our DC motors, this means you can slip them directly onto our 3V DC motors or 6V DC motors to have a moving robot in seconds. With the 2 offset holes, you can also easily connect these wheels to your servo horns with 2 screws.


  • Outer Diameter: 30mm / 1.18"
  • Shaft Hole: 2mm (tight fit to avoid slipping)
  • Rubber Tire Diameter: 4mm
  • Wheel Thickness: 3.2mm
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