Hobby Motor 6V - 12V DC 14000rpm Maximize

Hobby Motor 6V - 12V DC 14000rpm

This Size 130 hobby motor has flat sides for easy mounting to your projects and takes any voltage between 6V and 12V DC.

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Last Updated: 06/13/2024




Wanna add wheels to that robot? Care to make a spinning fan? This little motor is your solution. Just hook up one side to positive voltage and one side to ground. Voila!


  • voltage:
    • operating range: 6-12V
    • nominal: 6V
  • Specs at max speed @ 12V DC:
    • speed: 14000rpm
    • no load current: 0.056A
  • Specs at max torque @ 6V DC:
    • speed: 7000rpm
    • current: 0.350A
  • dimensions (mm):
    • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
    • Shaft Length: 8mm
    • Height from flat top to flat bottom: 15mm
    • Max Width: 20mm
    • Total Length including shaft: 33mm
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