12V DC Motor 160mA 11500RPM

A simple 12V motor for science projects and electronics projects where you'd like a spinning motor. Just power with 12 volts across the two metal terminals and the shaft will spin. 

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Last Updated: 06/03/2023




A 12V DC Motor that is great for hobby projects, science projects, and art pieces where you want to add a little motion. Just connect 12 Volts of power across the 2 metal terminals and you'll have a spinning motor. Flip the + and - wires and your motor will go in reverse. That's it, plain and simple.


  • Voltage:
    • Operating Voltage: 6-24V
    • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • No Load:
    • Speed: 11500rpm
    • Current: 0.18A
  • At Max. Efficiency:
    • Speed: 8768rpm
    • Current: 0.726A
    • Torque: 62.5gcm
    • Output: 5.617W
    • Eff.: 59.58%
  • Stall torque: 4.27oz-in
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 27.9mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm
    • Shaft Length: 8.9mm
    • Metal + and - Terminal Size: 3.2mm x 5.2mm with hollow center for easily placing wires through the hole and twisting for solderless temporary connections
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