MiCS5524 CO, Alcohol and VOC Gas Sensor

This MiCS5524 Gas Sensor detects CO, Ammonia, Ethanol, H2, Methane, Propane and Iso-Butane. The voltage on the output pin increases as the amount of these gases increases. Arduino, Teensy and Photon compatible)

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  • MiCS5524 CO, Alcohol and VOC Gas Sensor
  • Robust MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) Sensor
  • Operating Voltage: 4.9V to 5.1V
  • Analog Output via Ao pin (voltage increases as amount of any of the detected gases increases)
  • Suitable Uses:
    • Carbon Monoxide Detection
    • Natural Gas Leak Detection
    • Monitoring Air Quality
    • Early Fire Detection
    • Breathalyzer (alcohol detection)
  • Only 4 Pins:
    • 5V: Power
    • GND: Ground
    • Ao: Analog Output (0V to 5V: as the amount of detected gases increases, voltage increases)
    • En: Output Enable (to turn off the sensor for power consumption, send a HIGH 5V signal)
  • Detection ranges:
    • Carbon Monoxide CO: approx 1 to 1000 ppm
    • Ammonia: approx 1 to 500 ppm
    • Ethanol: approx 10 to 500 ppm
    • H2: approx 1 - 1000 ppm
    • Methane: approx 1000++ ppm
    • Propane: approx 1000++ ppm
    • Iso-Butane: approx 1000++ ppm
  • For hobby use
  • Current Draw: 25 to 35mA
  • Works with Arduino, Teensy & Photon boards. Can be used with Raspberry Pi if you also use an Analog to Digital Converter.
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