ADMP401 MEMS Microphone Breakout Board

ADMP401 MEMS Microphone Board for sound detection. Produces an analog signal corresponding to the sound detected by the microphone.

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Last Updated: 06/22/2024




Features :

  • ADMP401 MEMs Microphone Breakout Board
  • One of the key advantages to this breakout and microphone is the bottom ported input, which means the microphone's input can fit flush against the enclosure of your project.
  • The amplifier on the breakout has a gain of 67 and more than meets the bandwidth requirements of the mic.
  • The amplifier's AUD output will float at one half Vcc when no sound is being picked up.
  • The amplifier produces a peak-to-peak output of about 200mV when the microphone is held at arms length and is being talked into at normal conversational volume levels.



  • Onboard Mic: ADMP401
  • 3dB roll off at 100Hz and 15kHz
  • Supply voltage: 1.5V to 3.3V DC
  • Output: 40mW
  • SNR: 62dBA
  • Size: 1.3cm x 1cm
  • Analog signal output
  • Useful for sound detection
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