Male to Male Jumper Wires (10 pack)

This pack of 10 Male to Male Jumper Wires is perfect for connecting objects with female ports such as breadboards Arduino UNO boards, perfboards, etc.

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Last Updated: 06/17/2024




This pack of 10 Male to Male Jumper Wires includes 8 3/4" wires of different colors for easy identification in your circuits.You can plug these wires into breadboards for nice, clean connections and into female sockets such as the ones on Arduino UNO R3.


  • Quantity: 10 wires
  • Connector: Male to Male
  • Colors: Brown, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black, Orange ( 1 each + 2 random color )
  • Length: 8.75"


Hey Community,

Will the jumper cables still work if I strip the plastic housing and additional metal tip? Just in case I am referring to the Male to Male Jumper wires.

Yes, you can cut the wire anywhere and strip the plastic and the internal wire you get is copper stranded. If you want wire that is solid all the way through I use these:
Default User Icon Idara · 03/28/2023
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