140pc Jumper Wire Set

This Jumper Wire Set contains 140 wires color coded by length with jump lengths as small as 1/8" and as long as 5". Perfect for jumping breadboard connections neatly.

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Last Updated: 05/30/2024




The Jumper Wire Set is the best solution when you want varying length wires. The wires are colored based on length and come in a reusable storage container.


  • Solid Core Wire
  • Multiple lengths from 1/8" to 5"
  • Color coded for size identification (colors may vary from set to set)
  • Lets you pick the perfect size to avoid loose dangling wires in your breadboard projects!


If you're looking for longer wires or fewer cables, check out our 65pc Jumper Wire Cables for Breadboards for $5.99.

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