40 Pin Jumper Cable: Male to Female Maximize

40 Pin Jumper Cable: Male to Female

This 40 Pin Male to Female Ribbon Cable is great for jumping wires when breadboarding and perfboarding. Strip off as many as you need to make your own male to female cables with any number of pins.

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This 40 Pin Ribbon Cable has male jumper connectors on one side and female jumper connectors on the other! With a length of 7.875", this 40 pin rainbow cable gives you the ability to split off as many pins as you need to make multiple ribbon cables that are neatly held together. Very useful for keeping your projects neat when many wires are needed.


  • Cable Type: Male to Female
  • Connector Style: Square
  • Cable Length: 7.875"
  • Number of pins: 40
  • Wire Size: Each wire is 28 AWG (stranded core, 7x 36 AWG)
  • Can be easily stripped apart by hand to make ribbon cables with as many pins as you need.
  • Spacing: 0.1" (2.54mm) (same as our header pins, breadboards and perfboards)


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