9 Pin Header Connector

Plastic housing that holds up to 9 male or female jumper wire crimp connectors simultaneously. Make your own custom wired 9 pin jumper cables or replace with the single headers on the end of a 40 pin ribbon cables for quick and tidy wiring solutions.

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Last Updated: 05/20/2024




Make your own 9 pin jumper wire cable connector with this 9 Pin Header Connector. It's a plastic housing for male and female jumper wire crimp connectors. Keep up to 9 wires neat and orderly so they can all be plugged / unplugged simultaneously. Useful to avoid having to recheck the wiring each time you make a connection.


  • 9 Pin Plastic Housing
  • Couple with Male or Female Jumper wire Crimp Connectors to make your own jumper cables
  • Number of rows: 1
  • Number of columns: 9
  • Spacing: 2.54mm (0.1") standard for all our breadboards, perfboards and header pins
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