10 Pin 0.5mm & 1mm pitch FPC to DIP Breakout

Convert FPC connections into DIP connections to plug into a breadboard, perfboard or jumper wires. Plug in a 10 Pin FPC cable or solder on your FPC connector on the opposite side and attach header pins to plug into a breadboard or perfboard. Double sided so one side is 0.5mm pitch and the other is 1mm pitch.

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  • 0.5mm
  • 1mm

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Last Updated: 07/19/2024




  • Double sided FPC Adapter
  • Side A: 0.5mm Pitch FPC to DIP
  • Side B: 1mm Pitch FPC to DIP
  • Max number of pins supported: 10
  • Connect FPC connectors from 1 to 10 pins
  • Clearly labelled pinout so you can identify each pin
  • DIP spacing: 0.1" (2.54mm) breadboard & perfboard standard
  • Ideal for prototyping with devices that have 0.5mm or 1mm pitch FPC connectors
  • Two options available (select above)
    • For type A: 0.5mm FPC Socket already pre-soldered on the 0.5mm side!
    • For type B: 1mm FPC Socket already pre-soldered on the 1mm side!


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