Line Tracking Module (Arduino Compatible)

This Line Tracking Module turns any robot into a Line Tracking Robot. It emits an IR beam and collects the reflected beam. If the object below the sensor is black or white, the voltage is high or low respectively. Arduino Compatible

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Detect the "lightness" of an object using this Line Tracking Module. Just 3 pins: Power, Ground and signal. The signal pin is 5V when over a black surface and 0V when over a white surface. Good for detecting the difference between a black line on a white surface for line tracking as well as other applications.


  • Digital Line Tracking Module
  • Detects white or black surfaces
  • Pinout:
    • VCC: 5V
    • GND: 0V
    • OUT:
      • 5V when over a white surface
      • 0V when over a black surface


To detect all colors, check out our Color Sensor that can detect a full spectrum of colors.

Sample Arduino Code:

int Led = 13 ;// define LED Interface
int buttonpin = 3; // define tracing sensor interface
int val ;// define numeric variables val
void setup ()
    pinMode (Led, OUTPUT) ;/ / define LED as output interface
    pinMode (buttonpin, INPUT) ;/ / define tracing sensor output interface
void loop ()
    val = digitalRead (buttonpin) ;/ / digital interface will be assigned a value of 3 to read val
    if (val == HIGH) / / When the sensor detects a tracking signal, LED flashes
        digitalWrite (Led, HIGH);
        digitalWrite (Led, LOW);

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