300 Piece Computer Screw Set

Computer Screw Kit with 300 pieces including Screws, Brass Standoff Posts, Gasket Washers and Hand Screws for computer cases and circuit board mounting.

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Last Updated: 10/03/2022





  • 300 Piece Computer Screw Set
  • Includes:
    • 30pcs M5 x 10 Chassis Fan Retaining Screws
    • 24pcs M3.5 x 6 Chassis High Strength Screws
    • 24pcs M3 x 6+6 Brass Standoffs
    • 6pcs Silver M3.5 x 5 Chassis Hand Twist Screws
    • 48pcs M3 x 8 Washers
    • 30pcs M5 x 10 Conventional Chassis Fans Retaining Screws
    • 43pcs M3.5 x 5 Hard Drive Screws
    • 43pcs M3 x 4 CD-ROM Set Screws
    • 6pcs Black M3.5 x 5 Hand Twist Screws
    • 46pcs M3 x 5 Motherboard Mounting Screws
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