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Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation

Watch the power of magnetism float objects in mid-air! With the Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit, you can make a pencil float in midair, engineer a personal transporter using the principle of a maglev train, construct a metal sculpture that defies gravity, build a magnetic spring, weight and compass as well as a random motion machine that swings unpredictably! 7 Magnetic Projects in 1!

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Defy gravity using the power of magnetism in 7 exciting ways. The strong magnets in this kit allow you to make the following:

  • Floating Pencil Spinner
  • Maglev Personal Transporter
  • Anti-Gravity Sculpture (watch a heavy metal bolt float in mid-air and defy gravity!)
  • Magnetic Weight Scale
  • Magnetic Spring
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Random Motion Machine!



  • 7 Strong Magnets
  • 1 Project Base with Support Arm
  • 3 Graphic Templates: Earth, Compass and Astronaut
  • 3 Rods: Thin Rod with Ring, Hexagonal Rod, and Round Rod
  • 1 UFO Model
  • String (for the Anti-Gravity Sculpture and Magnetic Compass)
  • 1 Pointer & Weighing Pan (for the FloatingMagnetic Weight Scale)
  • 10 Nuts & 1 Copper Washer
  • 1 Enclosure
  • 1 Divider
  • 1 String Attachment
  • 1 Axle
  • Illustrated Assembly Instructions for all 7 Projects!


Recommended for ages 8 & above.

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