Magnetism Sensor / Reed Switch

This Reed Switch is used to detect magnets nearby. The two wire contacts are encased within a glass tube and placed a fraction of a millimeter apart. Whenever a magnet is nearby, it pulls the contacts together and closes the circuit! Simple and effective!

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Last Updated: 06/17/2024




Reed Switches such as this one are great for detecting magnets nearby. Common uses include, detecting a door opening/closing, detecting a box or enclosure being open/closed, security systems, liquid level sensors, reed relays, proximity sensors, counting devices, etc. The two internal wire contacts are a fraction of a millimeter apart and encased in a glass tube. When a magnet is present, the magnetism pushes/pulls the wire contacts together and closes the circuit.


  • Operating Voltage: Up to 100 VDC or 125 VAC
  • Switching Current: Up to 1 Amp
  • Carry Current: Up to 1.5 Amp
  • Magnetic Sensitivity (Range - Pull In) 10 to 50 Amp Turns
  • Operate Time, including bounce (typ.) 0.6 Milliseconds
  • Release Time (typ.) 0.1 Milliseconds
  • Resonant Frequency (typ.) 3.0 kHz
  • Vibration, 10-2,000 Hz (G's Max.) 50 G
  • Shock, 11-ms. ½ Sine wave (G's Max.) 100 G
  • Operating Temperature -40C to + 125C
  • Storage Temperature -50C to + 155C
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