Pogo Pin with Chiseled Tip

These Pogo Pins are little spring-loaded contacts. Perfect for making momentary electrical contacts for testing jigs, JTAG programming or any other instance where you want to make a connection to a PCB contact without soldering connections onto the board.

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These Pogo Pins are the perfect size to fit snugly into perfboards and programming cable female headers! When using a perfboard, just pop these into the perfboard location you need and solder the end like ordinary wire. Now, when you want to test your PCBs or just make momentary contacts to boards you'd prefer not to solder to, you can press the contact into the pogo pin and it will create an electrical connection. No soldering, no mess, just a clean simple connection!

When using these Pogo Pins with programming cables such as JTAG programming cables, place one pogo pin in each of the headers at the end of the JTAG programming cable connector and then press them onto the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) you'd like to program. No need to solder on male headers, just push and you'll have a nice connection with no changes to the board!


  • Tip Type: Chisel / Star
  • Tip Diameter: 1.5mm
  • Tip Length: 1.5mm
  • Total Length: 
    • Uncompressed: 17.04mm
    • Compressed: 16.54mm
  • Body Diameter: 1.02mm (fits into standard perfboards and female headers)
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