Lipo Low Voltage Battery Alarm

Monitor your 1S - 8S Lipo Battery's charge using this Lipo Low Voltage Battery Alarm. Read the voltage on the display and when the voltage gets too low, the alarm buzzer will sound. Great for robots and quadcopters.

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Last Updated: 11/27/2022




Always ensure you've got a good charge on your Lipo battery with this Lipo Low Voltage Alarm and Monitoring Unit. When connected, it will show you your battery's current voltage. The buzzer voltage can be set using the onboard button; When the battery's voltage drops below the buzzer voltage you've set, a Red LED indicator will light and the alarm will sound.


  • Lipo Low Battery Alarm and Monitoring Unit
  • Works for 1S to 8S Lipo/ Li-ion/ LiMn / Li-Fe Batteries
  • Voltage detection precision: +/- 0.01V
  • Unit Voltage Display Range: 0.1V - 4.5V
  • Total Voltage Display Range: 0.5V - 36V
  • 1S Test Mode Voltage Range: 4V - 30V
  • Low Voltage Alarm Mode for 2S to 8S
  • Alarm / Buzzer Voltage Range: can be set to any value between 0V and 2.7V - 3.8V
  • When the voltage is below the set value it will activate the buzzer and the red indicator LED will light
  • Pre-set Buzzer Voltage: 3.3V
  • Pin Spacing: 0.1" (2.54mm)
  • Push the button on board to change the Buzzer Voltage setting and save


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