Raspberry Pi 26 Pin Wedge T Breakout Board

This Assembled Raspberry Pi Wedge T Breakout Board fits right onto a breadboard and is clearly labelled for easy Raspberry Pi GPIO access. Perfect for getting started with the Raspberry Pi Model B!

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Use this Assembled Raspberry Pi Wedge T Breakout Board to clearly identify the GPIO (General Purpose Input & Output) pins of your Raspberry Pi Model B. This makes working with the Raspberry Pi much easier!

Just connect the Raspberry Pi Wedge T Breakout Board with a GPIO cable to your Raspberry Pi and you'll have clearly labelled, easy to access pins on a breadboard in seconds. It even fits into the power and ground rails at the side of your Breadboard with 5V and GND on one side and 3.3V and GND on the other!



For the Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ you'll want the Raspberry Pi 2, B+ & A+ Wedge T 40 Pin Breakout Board.

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