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5 inch Pi TFT Touch Screen LCD Hat for Raspberry Pi

Place this 5" Touch Screen on top of your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, 3 Model B+, 3 Model A+, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, 2, A+, B+ and you'll have a beautiful color touch display.

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Last Updated: 12/04/2022




This 5" Touch Screen Hat connects to your Raspberry Pi's HDMI port for video and GPIO ports for power and touch capabilities. Just place the 5" Touch Screen Shield on top of your Raspberry Pi, run the appropriate software and attach the HDMI coupler to see your desktop! Use your finger or the included stylus to move the mouse pointer on the screen!


  • 5" Pi TFT Touch Screen LCD Hat for Raspberry Pi
  • HDMI video interface
  • Resolution: 800x480
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Size: 5"
  • Power Supply: directly via GPIO pins or can be powered via external micro usb power adapter if not connected to Pi GPIO pins
  • Power requirement: 5V DC via GPIO pins or Micro USB port
  • Current: 235mA with backlight on, 45mA with backlight off
  • Screen Type: Resistive Touch Screen



Software download tutorial:

Can two of these displays be run at the same time on a Raspberry Pi 4
I don\'t think so because it has to sit on top of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. It plugs onto the GPIO pins of the Pi for the touch capability and connects to the HDMI port for video. Maybe if you wire the GPIO pins to 2 displays through a breadboard and get an HDMI splitter like this you can have them both display the same thing at the same time.
Default User Icon SeaOrc · 01/21/2021
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