UV Sensor - ML8511

This UV sensor detects UV light and produces a voltage that rises and falls depending on the UV light intensity shining on the sensor.

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Last Updated: 05/20/2024




Detect when the sun is at it's brightest using this Ultraviolet Light Sensor. Useful for maintaining plants, preventing sunburns, automating home shades, measuring UV for weatherstations, etc. The more UV light shines on the sensor, the higher the voltage on the OUT pin will be. Sensitive to UVB (burning rays) and most of the UVA (tanning ray) spectrum. Measuring Spectrum: 280-390nm


  • Measuring UV Spectrum: 280nm - 390nm
  • Measures most UVA and UVB light
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible (for Raspberry Pi, you'll need this Analog to Digital Converter since Raspberry Pi does not support Analog inputs on its own)


Click here to download the datasheet.

Click here to download an Arduino Sample Sketch.

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