Rotary Encoder 600P/R 5V-24V AB 2 Phase 6mm Shaft Maximize

Rotary Encoder 600P/R 5V-24V AB 2 Phase 6mm Shaft

Use this rotary encoder to measure the rotational speed, angle and acceleration of a robot.

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Last Updated: 09/27/2022





  • Single-phase 600 pulses /R
  • Two-phase 2400 pulses/R
  • Operating Voltage: 5V - 24V DC
  • Shaft:
    • Diameter: 0.23" (6mm)
    • Length: 0.51" (13mm)
  • Dimensions: 1.49" x 1.39" (38mm x 35.5mm)
  • Output: AB 2 phase output rectangular orthogonal pulse circuit, the output for the NPN open collector output type
  • Maximum mechanical speed: 5000 R per min
  • Response frequency: 0-20kHz
  • Cable length: 4.9 feet (1.5m)
  • Note: AB 2 phase output should not be connected directly to VCC to prevent burning out the output triode
  • Pinout:
    • Green: Phase A
    • White: Phase B
    • Red: Vcc
    • Black: Ground
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