Ceramic Soldering Gun 30 - 130W Maximize

Ceramic Soldering Gun 30 - 130W

Quick Hot Soldering Gun for applications where you want speed. No pre-heating necessary in Hi mode.

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Last Updated: 07/14/2024




This soldering gun for fast heat application consists of stainless steel and is equipped with a dual-power ceramic heating element. The VTSG130N is a rugged-looking soldering device of exemplary quality. It saves energy and can replace every iron with a supply current from 30W to 130W. Ideal for standard soldering work.


  • dual-power ceramic heater: 30 and 130W
  • 2 heating positions: instant heating in "Hi"-position is 10 x quicker than heating in "Lo"-setting
  • requires no preheating in "Hi" position
  • remark: do not use the soldering gun in the "Hi" position for longer than 30 seconds
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