Learn to Solder Kit with Tools

Learn to Solder Kit with Tools. Includes a soldering iron, tools, electronic parts and the necessary printed circuit boards to complete two minikits. An ideal introduction to soldering. Comes complete with a handy storage box.

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  • Soldering iron and stand
  • Solder
  • Side cutters
  • 1 "Blinking leds" Soldering Kit: Flashing LEDs
    • suited for different applications (e.g. model construction) and also educational. Adjustable flashing speed with two potentiometers.
  • 1 "Led lightorgan" Soldering Kit: Sound to Light Unit
    • Four high-intensity LEDs light up and react simultaneously to every sound. For different funny and practical applications e.g. sound indicator, simple sound-to-light unit for music. The unit can also be used to indicate when the doorbell or the telephone is ringing, which is particluarly interesting for the hearing-impaired. Adjustable sensitivity with potentiometer. Built-in microphone.

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