NE5532 Pre-Amplifier Preamp with Treble, Alto, Bass and Volume Dials

Use this NE5532 Pre-Amplifier board to adjust treble, alto, bass and volume with the 4 different dials. AC 12V NE5532 Pre-Amplifier Preamp. Soldering Kit. 4 convenient dials to control treble, alto, bass and volume separately.

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Last Updated: 06/17/2024





  • NE5532 Pre-amp Soldering Kit
  • Power supply voltage: AC 12V
  • Low Noise
  • 4 Dials: Treble, Alto, Bass and Volume
  • The chips can be easily replaced with the soldered IC sockets they plug in and out easily.
  • LED indicator for real-time monitoring of the power supply situation.
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