Universal Mono Pre-Amp

Use this Mono Pre-Amplifier to bump up the signal amplitude on your audio projects.

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Last Updated: 11/29/2023




This low voltage, low noise mono preamp has been developed as pre-module for a number of audio applications where there is insufficient input signal. Applications as a microphone pre-amplifier or for level correction. Includes a built-in compression and noise gate. For this function,it is better than just using an op amp in the preamplifier circuit.The dynamic range of the compressed microphone signal reduces the peak signal level and adds additional gain to the low level signal.The noise gate attenuates the signal level below a certain threshold,in order to amplify only the desired signal, such as speech, and reduce the noise in the output signal.These features will help improve the clarity of the voice signal received by the microphone.


  • power supply: 3V - 5V DC
  • 20 kHz bandwidth
  • PCB dimensions: 0.87" x 0.59" (2.2 x 1.5cm)
  • Datasheet
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