PN532 NFC/RFID Module (Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible) 13.56Mhz

Use this RFID / NFC Module to read and write from NFC and RFID devices. Useful for making contact cards, ID cards, etc! Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible.

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  • 13.56MHz NFC / RFID Shield Module PN532 for Arduino
  • Supports SPI / IIC / UART Interface
  • The NFC / RFID breakout base on PN532, which is the most popular NFC chip, and is what is embedded in pretty much every phone or device that supports NFC
  • This module can pretty much do it all, such as read and write to tags and cards, communicate with phones (say for payment processing), and act like an NFC tag
  • If you want to do any sort of embedded NFC work, this is the chip you will want to use. The PN532 is also very flexible, you can use 5V TTL UART at any baud rate, I2C or SPI to communicate with it
  • This chip is also strongly supported by libnfc, simply plug in an FTDI cable and use the FTDI serial port device to communicate - this lets you use it with any Linux / Mac / Windows computer
  • Comes with: the PN532 breakout board including a tuned 13.56MHz stripline antenna, 0.1 inch header, 2 jumpers / shunts and a 4050 level shifter chip
  • You can use SWITCH-0 and SWITCH-1 to choose UART, IIC or SPI interfacing
  • Dimensions: 3.1" x 1.9" x 0.47" ( 79mm x 48mm x 12mm )


Operating Voltage3.3V
Power Supply Voltage3.3~5.5V
Max Supply Current150mA
Working Current(Standby Mode)100mA
Working Current(Write Mode)120mA
Working Current(Read Mode)120mA
InterfaceSPI Interface, Std Raspberry Pi 20pins Interface


Useful Resources:

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