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USB RFID Reader 125kHz

Plug this RFID reader into your computer's USB port to read RFID keyless entry cards and make your own security systems.

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Last Updated: 12/06/2023





  • Supports EM4001 and 4100 compatible RFID tags
  • Frequency: 125kHz
  • Power: 5V DC (via USB)
  • Reading distance: 2 - 4 inches
  • Dimensions:10.5 x 7 x 1.2cm / 4.13"x2.76"x0.47"
  • Windows & Linux Compatible
  • Raspberry Pi compatible
  • Emulates a keyboard:
    • When a tag is scanned, the tag serial number is "typed in" followed by the enter key.


Testing the reader:

  1. Plug in the USB RFID Reader: the LED should light up solid red within a second
  2. Open Notepad or any other text editor
  3. Scan tag: you'll hear a beep and the red LED will turn green for a moment
  4. In Notepad you should see the tag serial number such as '26605540'


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