2.4G Wireless Tranceiver Module: NRF24L01+ (Arduino & Raspberry Pi B+ Compatible Maximize

2.4G Wireless Transceiver Module: NRF24L01+ (Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible

Use this 2.4G Wireless Transceiver Module to have your electronics projects communicate wirelessly from up to 329 ft (100m) away. Each of these modules can be used as a transmitter or receiver! Get a pair and have one transmit and the other receive or just use one to communicate with your 2.4G devices! Arduino and Raspberry Pi Compatible.

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This 2.4G Wireless Transceiver Module is perfect for wireless communication in your electronics projects. Communicate between 2 devices from as far as 329 feet (100 meters) in ideal conditions. Just hook up one of these to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi 2 / A+ / B / B+, or other microcontroller and you'll be outputting your signal over 2.4G Wireless. Add another on the receiving end and you'll be able to listen in to your 2.4G Wireless signal with ease! Super easy to set up and use.


  • Module Type: Transceiver (Both Transmitter & receiver all in one!)
  • Antenna Type: On-board
  • Working Range: up to 329 feet (100m)
  • Supply Voltage: 1.9V - 3.6V (Raspberry Pi Compatible & for Arduino, use the 3.3V pin for power (all signal pins are 5V tolerant for direct connection to your Arduino))
  • Chipset: nRF24L01+ (2.4GHz ISM band tranceiver)
  • Protocol: SPI
  • Configurable parameters include frequency channel (125 selectable channels), output power, and data rate (data rates: 250kbps, 1Mbps, and 2Mbps)
  • Current Draw: 11.3mA transmitting, 13.5 receiving at 2Mbps, 900nA in power down, and 26uA in standby.
  • Internal Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying (GFSK) modulation an fast Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Interrupt Request (IRQ) pin (can be used to wake the microcontroller, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, from sleep when the module receives a transmission to save battery)
  • Auto-acknowledge and auto-retransmit.
  • Contents: 1 2.4G Wireless Transceiver Module: NRF24L01+


For longer range 2.4G Wireless, check out our Long Range 2.4G Wireless Transceiver Module with External Antenna for communications from up to 3609 feet (1100m) away!

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