Dual SMT to DIP Breakout: SO-8 and SSOP8 to 8-pin DIP Adapter

Plug your SMT surface mount chips into your projects easily with this dual size SMT to DIP adapter. Works with both SO-8 chips and smaller SSOP8 size SMT chips! Double sided adapter board!

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Last Updated: 04/14/2024





  • Use both SO-8 and SSOP8 surface mount chips in your breadboard and perfboard projects
  • Ideal for prototyping with SMT chips
  • Converts SO-8 and SSOP8 chips to DIP style pin spacing which will fit in standard 0.3" wide DIP Sockets.
  • SMT Details:
    • Side A: 8 Pin SOIC (SO-8, SOP8, SOIC8)
    • Side B: 8 Pin TSSOP (SSOP8, TSSOP8, MSOP8)
  • DIP Details: 0.1" / 2.54mm Spacing (Standard Breadboard and Perfboard spacing)
  • Center-to-center spacing of the pads:
    • Side A: 0.05"   (1.27 mm)
    • Side B: 0.026" (0.65 mm)
  • Side A accommodates both EIAJ (0.21"/5.3mm wide) and the narrower JEDEC (0.15"/3.8mm wide) devices
  • PCB Dimensions: 
    • L x W: 10.16mm x 10.92mm (See diagram above for details)
  • These can be soldered to wires, a perfboard or header pins such as Breakaway Male Header Pins
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