24pc Sandpaper Set Dry & Wet Abrasive, 4.5"x5.5"

24pc Sandpaper Set Dry & Wet Abrasive, 4.5"x5.5". Set includes: 5pc 80 grit, 10pc 100 grit, 5pc 150 grit sandpaper for dry use and 1pc 80 grit, 2pc 240 grit, 1pc 400 grit waterproof sandpaper for wet use and dry use.

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  • 24pc Sandpaper Set Dry & Wet Abrasive
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Sandpaper Combo Pack
  • Suitable for use on wood and other materials. Waterproof and dry use sheets both included.
  • Set includes:
    • Dry Abrasive Paper
      • 5pc P80
      • 10pc P100
      • 5pc P150
    • Waterproof Abrasive Paper
      • 1pc P80
      • 2pc P240
      • 1pc P400
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