555 Timer

Want to make your LED blink for a set time, use this nifty little timer. This is one of the most versatile chips in terms of hobbyist project uses. If you want to have something triggered at a set time or just want to get your feet wet using ICs, use this little timer.

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555 timers have so many uses in hobbyist projects, they just count time pass to give you very accurate time delays. The output oscillates from LOW to HIGH with variable speed depending on the inputs you feed it.

1GNDGround reference voltage, low level (0 V)
2TRIGThe OUT pin goes high and a timing interval starts when this input falls below 1/2 of CTRL voltage (which is typically 1/3 of VCC, when CTRL is open).
3OUTThis output is driven to approximately 1.7 V below +VCC or GND.
4RESETA timing interval may be reset by driving this input to GND, but the timing does not begin again until RESET rises above approximately 0.7 volts. Overrides TRIG which overrides THR.
5CONTProvides "control" access to the internal voltage divider (by default, 2/3 VCC).
6THRESThe timing (OUT high) interval ends when the voltage at THR is greater than that at CTRL (2/3 VCC if CTRL is open).
7DISCHOpen collector output which may discharge a capacitor between intervals. In phase with output.
8VCCPositive supply voltage, which is usually between 3 and 15 V depending on the variation.



  • Timer IC NE555P
  • Number of Pins: 8
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 70 C
  • Input Type: 4.5V-16V TTL CMOS


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