Square Wave Signal Generator NE555 Pulse Module w LED Indicator 5-15V

This Square wave generator outputs a pulse with variable frequency.

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Last Updated: 02/09/2023





  • Square wave signal generator
  • Outputs a square wave signal for experimental development use
  • Uses:
    • Stepper motor driver
    • Adjustable PWM Signal generator
    • Servo motor driver
  • LED indicator: on when low, off when high, flashing when low frequency
  • Adjustable Frequency via potentiometer on board
  • Two on board potentiometers (RA & RB) to adjust both the frequency and the duty cycle
  • LF level: 1Hz~50Hz; IF level: 50Hz~1kHz; High frequency level: 1KHz~10kHz; HF level: 10kHz~200kHz


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