MAX30102 Heart Rate Oxygen Pulse Sensor Oximeter Module

Monitor Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Levels with ease. This blood oxygen level sensor measures the SpO2 and heart rate from a person's wrist or fingertip. Useful for wearables or medical monitoring. Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible. I2C Serial

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Maxim Integrated MAX30102 High-Sensitivity Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor for Wearable Health Monitoring. Measures the SpO2 oxygen saturation in a person's blood useful detecting respiratory illnesses early through wearables and medical monitoring.


  • Heart-Rate Monitor and Pulse Oximeter Sensor
  • To monitor SpO2 blood oxygen level and heart rate, place a person's fingertip, wrist, earlobe, or other pulse-monitoring location on the sensor
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V (1.8V power supply and a separate 5V power supply for internal LEDs. Onboard voltage regulator takes the power from a single supply on the VIN pin and regulates it so a single source can power both the sensor and the internal LEDs.)
  • Pinout:
    • VIN: 1.8V to 5.5V
    • SCL: I2C Clock Signal
    • SDA: I2C Data Signal (bidirectional)
    • INT: MAX30102 active-low interrupt open-drain
    • IRD: MAX30102 IR LED Cathode and LED Driver connection point
    • RD: MAX30102 Power Supply (Anode Connection) for red led
    • GND: 0V Ground (connected to IR LED Anode internally)
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible 
  • Digital Output
  • Serial Protocol: I2C
  • Small Form Factor: 5.6mm x 3.3mm x 1.55mm 14-Pin Optical Module
  • Integrated protective glass over the sensor for a robust and durable design
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption ideal for Mobile Wearable Devices
  • Programmable Sample Rate and LED Current for Power Savings
  • Low-Power Heart-Rate Monitor (< 1mW)
  • Ultra-Low Shutdown Current (0.7uA, typ)
  • Fast Data Output Capability
  • High Sample Rates
  • High SNR
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Upgraded replacement for MAX30100
  • Applications
    • Wearable Devices
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Pulse oximeter
    • SpO2 patient monitoring
    • Low blood oxygen level detection and alarm
    • Fitness Assistant Devices
  • Reference: Arduino Code
  • MAX30102 to Arduino connection:
    • VCC to Arduino 5V
    • GND to GND
    • SCL to A5
    • SDA to A4
    • INT to D2
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