4017 Decade Counter: CD4017BE

Use this Decade Counter to create super simple LED chaser circuits! This chip turns on and off each of it's 10 outputs sequentially! Just give it a clock signal to set the speed of the chasing! This all too popular chip is useful in loads of applications.

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This Decade Counter, the 4017, is most commonly used for LED chaser circuits. With 10 outputs that each turn on and off one after the other, you can make cool lighting displays with ease! Just connect 10 LEDs to each of the 10 outputs and watch each light up in line!

Besides super easy LED displays, the 4017 Decade Counter is a powerful chip that is used in numerous automotive, alarm system, medical electronics, industrial electronics, remote metering and instrumentation environments.


  • Operating Voltage: 3V - 18V DC
  • Outputs:
    • 10 Decoded outputs (each goes HIGH for one clock cycle)
    • 1 Carry-Out Bit
  • Inputs: 
    • Clock (should alternate between HIGH and LOW every clock cycle to set the speed of the counting)
    • Reset (set to HIGH for one Clock Cycle to clear and begin counting from 0 anytime)
    • Clock Enable (should always be LOW unless you want to pause the counting)
  • Decade Counter Type: 5-stage Divide-by-10 Johnson Counter
  • Max Clock Frequency: 2.5MHz at 5V
  • Minimum Pulse Width: 200 nanoseconds at 5V
  • Minimum Reset Pulse Width: 260 nanoseconds at 5V
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Compatible


Click here to view the datasheet for this Decade Counter Chip.

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