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RGB LED Matrix Controller

An Arduino Based RGB Matrix Controller that fits directly onto the back of the RGB Matrix Panel so it saves space while giving you full control of multiple panels.

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Last Updated: 05/29/2024





  • Programmable via the Arduino Software just like an Arduino Uno
  • Soldering Required
  • Small form factor perfectly fits behind the Matrix panel so it's neat without any wiring necessary
  • Pre-programmed to play colorful visuals as soon as it's assembled


Reference: Assembly instructions and code

Does any way exist to chain these together or power larger boards with them?
To daisy chain the panels you can use With this controller the chained panels will display the same image. But if you use a Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega you can chain multiple easily and have each display something different. Here is a link to the code for creating a large billboard with Raspberry Pi as the controller.
Default User Icon Steven · 03/08/2023
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