Remote Control 4 Channel 12V DC Relay Switch

This 4 Channel Relay comes with 2 Remote Controls so you can control up to 4 items from up to 656 feet away!

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Last Updated: 02/26/2024




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Take one remote and give one to a friend, coworker or family member so you both can turn on/off up to 4 devices in your home wirelessly! Just connect 12V of power to the  Easy to use and since these remotes use radio signals, you don't have to point the remote at the relay board. This is a really important feature if you want to put the relay module out of sight, such as behind a washing machine, in a project box, or hard to reach areas.


  • 4 Channel Relay
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Includes 2 remotes
  • 1 button per relay (labelled)
  • Frequency: 433Mhz or 315Mhz (pre-paired with remote)
  • Plastic Case for sleek design
  • Control distance: Up to 656 feet!
  • Power Voltage: 12V DC (attach to terminals labelled + and -)
  • Standby Current: less than 6mA
  • Operating Current: 3A
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 80 C
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -105dB
  • Max Load Current: 10A
  • Dimensions: 2.8" x 2" x 1" (7.2cm x 5.2cm x 2.6cm)
  • Indicator LED on board
  • Each relay has a Normally Open and Normally Closed option
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