Solid State Relay 40A (3-32V DC Input)

Control high power devices that draw up to 40A with this Solid State Relay. Input voltage anywhere from 3V to 32V so it's compatible with nearly all microcontrollers including Arduino & Raspberry Pi.

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  • AC
  • DC (5V to 60V)
  • DC (5V to 80V)

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Last Updated: 04/14/2024



Use this relay to control power hungry devices via microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. When you apply 3V to 32V across the 2 input terminals, the output terminals become connected internally. This is a solid state relay which gives your faster speed and a longer life than standard mechanical relays. Useful for home appliance control.


  • High Power Solid State Relay
  • Input Voltage: 3V - 32V DC
  • Load Types (select load type above):
    • AC: 24 - 380V AC
    • DC: 5 - 60V DC
  • ON > 2.4V , OFF < 1.0V
  • Zero Cross Trigger
  • Voltage Drop: 1.6 V / 25°C
  • Trigger Current: 7.5mA / 12V
  • Leakage Current: 3mA
  • Operating Voltage: -20°C - 80°C
  • Dielectric Strength: Over 2.5KVAC / 1min.
  • Isolation Strength: Over 50M Ω / 500VDC
  • Screw terminals for easy connections
  • Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 22.5mm
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Screw terminals for easy connections
  • Max Current: 40A
  • Response Time: ON < 10ms; OFF < 10ms


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