Raspberry Pi DAC Hifi Audio Hat

Want High-Quality Audio Output for the Raspberry Pi? This Hifi Audio Card fits directly on top of your Raspberry Pi's 40 Pin GPIO pins! Save space with this Hifi DAC Hat for Raspberry Pi.

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This Raspberry Pi DAC Audio Module produces high quality audio via USB. Very useful for Raspberry Pi based audio applications. Based on the PCM2704 Chipset this audio card is a great value for producing high-quality sound at a low cost!


  • HIFI DAC Hat for Raspberry Pi
  • Distortion:
    • THD: -93dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 120dB
  • Dynamic Range: 112dB
  • Sampling Frequency: 384KHz
  • Resolution: 16 - 32 Bit
  • Interface: I2S
  • Chipset: PCM5122
  • Ports Onboard:
    • RCA (Left & Right)
    • 1/8" Stereo Jack / Headphone Jack
  • Works with XBMC and Volumino Software
  • Volumino Software Details:
    • Audiophile Quality: bit perfect playback
    • FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, ALAC, PLS support
    • Plays music libraries on Samba, NFS and USB drives
    • Webradio format support out of the box
    • Control it via PC, Smartphone or Tablet
    • Airplay capability
    • Ramplay Support
    • DSD Native Playback
    • Multiroom Playback via Android App
    • Output playback device selection
    • Audio out via HDMI, USB, Analog Jack, S/PDIF, I2S (B+)
    • Wireless Network configuration
    • Various resampling options, up to 32bit/384khz
      • Root User: root  Password: volumio
      • User: volumio  Password: volumio
    • The Volumio software supports multiple lossless formats including Internet radio broadcast. PC and mobile phones can control playback as well.

      Volumio configuration steps:

      Choose the I2S DAC option below, and click apply

      Reboot or shutdown your raspberry pi

      Select Update Library to load your usb audio files


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