Sleep Headphones Headband

Sleep Headphones Headband for a cozy night's sleep without headphones pressing against your ears uncomfortably. Washable fleece for comfortably listening to music in any position.

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  • Sleep Headphones Headband
  • Soft Washable Fleece
  • Can be used as a sleep eye mask as well to cover your eyes from ambient light while allowing you to listen to your music
  • Built-in headphones
  • Plugs right into your iPhone, Samsung Phone, iPod, MP3 Player, or capable smartphone
  • Headband can be washed after removing electronics
  • Unisex, one size fits all.
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Built in Speakers: 16-32 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 20 to 20000Hz
  • Power: 20MW
  • Max Power: 50MW
  • Sensitivity: 120 + / - 4dB
  • Output Plug Size: 3.5mm 1/8 inch audio plug (fits into standard headphone jacks)
  • Dimensions: 10.2 inches x 3 inches
  • Cable Length: approx. 3.4 feet
I want to wash it. Can I just pull the cord and take them out?
Yes, the speakers can come out. They\'re wrapped in tiny felt packets and just kinda float around in the headband, the felt makes it so you can move their position when wearing them to get higher or lower volume too or just pull them out altogether to wash the band.
Default User Icon Abe · 12/06/2019
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