Headphone Jack 4 Pole for Headphone Repair

Use this 4 pole Stereo Headphone Jack Plug to repair your headphones. It is solderable so you can replace that broken connector easily.

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Last Updated: 10/02/2023




The standard 3.5mm 4 Pole Stereo Headphone Jack is useful for repairing broken headphones. Just solder onto the jack and slide on the black plastic sleeve for an easy fix! Because this Headphone Jack Plug has 3 bands (4 poles), it is perfect for fixing your headphones with a microphone attached too such as iPhone Headphones.

Here is a tutorial with instructions for how to fix your broken headphones:

  1. Cut off your old Headphone Jack and strip the wires leading to your headphones.
  2. Unscrew the black plastic casing off this Headphone Jack to reveal the solder points
  3. Solder on the wires
  4. Screw the black metal sleeve back on


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