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Limit Switch / Collision Switch Module

This Limit Switch module is used to detect if your robot runs into something or crashes. Includes cable and PCB with micro limit switch and LED indicator on-board. Raspberry Pi and Arduino Compatible.

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Last Updated: 12/04/2022




Use this Limit Switch / Collision / End stop module to detect when something comes into contact with the switch. If something touches the switch, the output will be 0V and if the switch is not pressed, the output will be high. Easy to use module with 3 pins and cable included.


  • Operating Voltage: 3V - 12V
  • LED Indicator lights when switch is pressed
  • Pinout:
    • VCC: 3V - 12V
    • GND: 0V
    • OUT: Output Pin (Output voltage is equal to GND when pressed, VCC when not pressed)
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible
  • Cable included. Cable color may vary.


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