PWM to Analog Converter Module

Convert a Digital PWM signal into an analog output using this PWM to Analog Converter Module. Use this module to output an analog signal from a digital I/O pin.

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  • PWM to Analog Converter Module
  • Adjust the duty cycle of the PWM signal to change the analog voltage output.
  • Input pulse level can be 5V, 12V, 24V
  • Analog Voltage Output Range: 0 to 10V DC
  • Useful for using a digital pin to control analog devices.
  • Screw Terminal Pinout:
    • VCC & GND: Power and ground for the converter module itself (12V to 30V on VCC)
    • VOUT & GND: Output analog voltage and ground (0 to 10V on VOUT)
    • PWM & GND: Input digital PWM signal and ground (connect to your microcontroller such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc)
  • Adjustable frequency to voltage ratio via onboard potentiometer
  • Input level range of the PWM signal is selected by the onboard jumper
  • PWM signal input level ranges:
    • 4.5V-10V (suitable for 5V boards such as Arduino)
    • 12V-24V (suitable for PLC interfaces)
  • Conversion range: 0% - 100% PWM duty cycle converted to 0 - 10V voltage
  • Allowable error: 5%
  • PWM signal receiving frequency range: 1kHz-3kHz
  • Input to output ratio: 100Hz to 1V; 1KHz to 10V
  • Can be calibrated using a meter to measure the output. The output voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the duty cycle and control accuracy can be controlled by adjusting the potentiometer.