Raspberry Pi Servo / PWM Hat - 16 Channel Maximize

Raspberry Pi Servo / PWM Hat - 16 Channel

Control Servos and DC Motors directly from your Raspberry Pi with this Servo / PWM Hat.

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Last Updated: 10/01/2023




Control up to 16 servos, DC Motors, LEDs or other PWM driven devices with this Raspberry Pi Srevo / PWM Hat.


  • Standard 3-Pin (G/V/S)
  • Adjustable PWM frequency up to 16KHz, 12 bit resolution
  • Drives up to 16 Servos(5V)/LEDs
  • Communicates with the Raspberry Pi through I2C (default address 0x6F)
  • Recommended Motor Voltage: 4.5V - 6V
  • Chipset: PCA9685


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