LM3914 LED Bar Graph Module: Green

This LED bar graph module comes with the LM3914 controller chip and the LED Bar Graph on a single PCB! Useful for battery meters, sound bars and other projects where visual measurements are key. 2.4V to 20V adjustable range. Just turn the dials to set the range and as the voltage increases, the LED bar graph lights up.

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  • Green LED Bar Graph Module
  • Number of pins: 2
  • Number of LEDs: 10
  • LED Color: Green
  • Adjustable range: Use the two potentiometer dials to adjust the voltage range the LEDs represent
  • Voltages: 2.4V to 20V
  • TS-459 Bar Graph LED Driver chip chip onboard
  • Soldering required for assembly
    Power display is to take some voltage, perform simulations show the percentage of segments, such as 3.7V lithium battery, take the lower voltage 3V, the upper limit of 4.2V, 4.2-3 = 1.2V, the voltage difference between the lower limit of 1.2V, is the battery Analog power up
  • Accurately detects an analog voltage and displays the voltage across the 10 LED display
  • Displays the battery voltage between the lower limit of 10 files showed that representatives of each of the lights 10% charge displays, on behalf of 10 lights display charge 0% -100% range; you can also change the single light display, is displayed only a light, more power, single-light power 4mA, all bright 42mA
  • High and low voltage battery display range references:
    1. Lithium battery:
    After the completion of a single lithium battery discharge voltage is 3V, when fully charged 4.2V;
    1S correspond to 3V (first light) to 4.2V (tenth lights);
    2S corresponds to 6V (first light) to 8.4V (tenth lights);
    3S correspond to 9V (first light) to 12.6V (tenth lights);
    4S correspond to 12V (first light) to 16.8V (tenth lights);
    Other series voltage and so on.
    2. Lead Acid Batteries
    6V or 12V lead-acid battery is generally:
    6V corresponds to 4.8V (first red light) to 6.75V (tenth lights);
    12V corresponds to 9.6V (first red light) to 13.5V (tenth lights);
    Set the dials for high and low thresholds according to the above standard battery discharge ranges to accurately display the battery level at all times

  • How to adjust the voltage range:
    Equipment needed: an adjustable power supply and a small flathead screwdriver.
    For example: For a single 3.7V lithium, 3V is empty, 4.2V is full.
    1, Adjust the power supply voltage to the desired full voltage in this example, 4.2v.
    2. Connect to the board. 3. If the LEDs are not on or partially on, slowly adjust 503 (50k) potentiometer counterclockwise until the LED strip just lights up completely. If the LEDs are all on, slowly adjust 503 (50k) clockwise until one led goes off and then turn back counterclockwise so it just lights up completely.
    4, Adjust the power supply voltage to the desired low voltage, in this example 3V. Adjust 502 (5K) potentiometer to just light a single LED. If it does not light turn clockwise, several or all lit turn counterclockwise.
    5, Repeat the first 4 steps. Usually 2 repetitions is sufficient to adjust to the desired display range.

  • Display Mode A / P: full brightness linear / single lamp lattice mode switch, the default is a linear model, the board set aside a switch pad, even with soldering pads can be turned into full light linear mode, no welding is the point like single light display

    To adjust the voltage range, first set the high voltage, then adjust the low end. + is positive, - is negative. Max voltage: 20V DC


    • Power Consumption: Full bar display illuminated at full brightness: 42mA, single LED illuminated: 4mA
    • Measuring range: the battery inside the common 2.4V to 20V
    • Light Color: Green
    • Display: Multi-light bar display or a single light dot display
    • Power adjustable display range for the battery discharge curve, Supports: single lithium 1S (4.2V) ~ 4S (16.8V), lead acid 6V ~ 12V, NiMH 3.6V ~ 18V, nickel-cadmium batteries 3.6V ~ 18V and any other battery with a voltage range within 2.4V to 20V.
    • Dimensions: 1.77" x0.75" (45mm x 19mm)
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