Piezo Guitar Pickup

Piezo guitar pickup to convert acoustic to electric guitar. Useful for picking up vibrations with 12.5 inch braided cabling terminated in a 2.5mm 3/32" plug.

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  • Fit for classical/acoustic guitars
  • Easy to install - place under the saddle
  • Size: for 6 string
  • Measures approximately: 72mm x 2.7mm x 2.7mm
  • These rod piezos come with a 2.5mm plug at the end of a 12 1/2" braided lead. You can either cut the plug off and solder the lead direct to your jack, or you can get a 2.5mm jack and wire that into your circuit.
  • These piezo rods are 2 3/4 inches in length, about 3/32" wide and 1/8" in height.
  • Can be cut to shorter lengths if needed ( cuttable rod piezos inside )
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