Big Dome Pushbutton - Red Illuminated 100mm

This is a Giga Sized Big Red Button measuring 4" across! It can be illuminated or used without illumination. Press down and hear a satisfying 'click' and the 2 pins on the back will become connected.

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Sometimes you need a REALLY BIG RED BUTTON! This 4" Red Button does just the trick. Connect 2 wires to the 2 bottom terminals and press the button to have them become connected. Optionally, attach 12V across the left and right pins to illuminate the button. Works great as an emergency stop button, dramatic button for theater and props, etc.


  • Giga Sized Push Button
  • Color: Red
  • Illumination via 2 pins
  • 12V LED Inside
  • Size: 100mm / 4" diameter
  • Momentary Button
  • Plastic Mounting can be screwed/unscrewed for easy mounting